A Photographic Art Library?

Since its creation, the Encounters of Young International Photography has invited photographers every year to participate in a unique creative residency. At the end of this residency, the works created are conserved by the Villa Pérochon, being added to a unique photographic collection. This collection has grown through a number of purchases and donations, including works donated by the association L'œil écoute in Limoges at the time of its closure, as well as works produced by the Villa Pérochon.

The Villa Pérochon has decided now to give these works a new lease of life through the Photographic Art Library while enabling people to enjoy them on an everyday basis.


Why borrow works from the Photographic Art Library?

At Home

By borrowing works to view at home, you establish a different relationship with them. You take the time to observe them, to discover them, and over time you refine your tastes.


At Work

Through the regular presence of works of art on their premises, companies and local authorities introduce a cultural and artistic dimension into their working environment and thus further develop their internal and external communication. It is an opportunity to establish a new means of exchange with and among employees, clients and users by involving them in a dynamic of creativity and innovation.


At School

The works in the Photographic Art Library are a valuable resource for teachers and their students. They become part of their daily life and a means of working on observation, oral expression and creativity.


Cultural Coordination

At work or at school, a guided visit with commentary provided by a Villa Pérochon cultural coordinator is made available.

At home, people can benefit from "1 hour / 1 artwork". Friends, neighbours or work colleagues can be invited to enjoy a moment of discussion on photography with a Villa Pérochon cultural coordinator in a familiar and relaxed setting.